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Why is Cricket Called 'Cricket'? [NAME EXPLAINED]

Why is Cricket Called ‘Cricket’? The origin of the name ‘cricket’ is disputed. It has been suggested that it comes from the Middle Dutch phrase for hockey – ‘met de (krik ket) sen’ – or from the Old English word ‘cricc’, which means crutch or staff and could refer to the modern-day bat.

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The Origin of the Name “Cricket”. Now, this is the part you’ve all been waiting for. Since it’s not quite clear as to where the game first originated from, the name “cricket” has several derivations. For starters, it is believed to have either come from the Old French word croquet, which means stick, post, or goal.

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Why is the British sport called cricket? The name is originally thought to either have been derived from the Old French “criquet”, meaning “goal, post, or stick” or from the Middle Dutch “kricke”, meaning “stick” or “staff”.

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The view that it was originally a children's game is reinforced by Randle Cotgrave's 1611 English-French dictionary in which he defined the noun "crosse " as "the crooked staff wherewith boys play at cricket" and the verb form "crosser " as "to play at cricket".

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Today I found out the origin of the name of the sport Cricket. The name is originally thought to either have been derived from the Old French “criquet”, meaning “goal, post, or stick” or from the Middle Dutch “kricke”, meaning “stick” or “staff”. The latter Middle Dutch derivation from “kricke” is generally considered more likely due to the strong medieval trade connections between south-east England and Flanders, which belonged to the Duchy of Burgundy.

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Cricket was originally played in England exclusively by aristocrats, and as such it successfully upheld their lifestyle, unwritten codes, and general preserved air of superiority of this social hierarchy. These aristocrats were also called ‘Gentlemen’ and thus cricket earned its title as the game of these gentlemen.

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Nowadays, We cannot Call the cricket called a ‘gentleman’s game’ Any more. With a growing cases of altercation on the field between players, cheating, undue aggression, lack of respect for opponents and umpires, cricket can no longer claim the tag. One of the main reasons is the History of the game itself. Cricket has always been ...

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Cricket is a team sport for two teams of eleven players each. A formal game of cricket can last anything from an afternoon to several days. Although the game play and rules are very different, the basic concept of cricket is similar to that of baseball. Teams bat in successive innings and attempt to score runs, while the opposing team fields and attempts to bring an end to the batting team's innings.